Selcka village and its gorgeous waterfall


Selcka is the most remote village of Lunxheria. Today it is administratively part of the municipality of Dropulli, but historically and culturally it is part of Lunxhëria.
The waterfall of Selcka George, about 25 kilometers southeast of the city of Gjirokastra, is another tourist destination among the natural wonders in the Dropulli area. Selcka gorge, with a length of about 6 km, is a Natural Monument in Albania and is located along the middle sector of the Suha valley, where this valley cuts across and separates the Lunxhëri-Bureto mountain range. In some sectors the Gorge narrows a lot, and takes the form of a canyon. There is also a fascinating waterfall.

The valley is very rich from the point of view of flora and fauna, where birds stand out, such as: pigeons and swallows, which have given the name to its narrowest part, Swallow’s Rock.

The village is small and picturesque and contains, in addition to natural beauty, well-preserved dwellings, interesting architectural plots and two churches.
In the village there is the church of Saint Nicholas (St. Nicholas),by the end of XVII century, where the village cemetery is also located. The well-preserved church has elegant architecture, with the magnificent bell tower standing out. Inside, the frescoes and a part of the carved and gilded wooden iconostasis are quite well preserved.

In the village there is also a fountain inside a structure with arches and covered with a dome.
Above the village is the church of Saint Friday (St. Parasceve). From the courtyard of this church there is a beautiful view over the village and the gorge of Selcka. The church is simple from the outside but its interior stands out for its charm with the very beautiful iconostasis, the bishop’s throne and the top, all carved in wood and partially gilded. Even the decorated pillars contribute to the enrichment of the interior decor.

/Klara Ruci/


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