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Albania has a longstanding beekeeping tradition. Albania’s climate and vastly beautiful landscape provide ideal conditions for beekeeping. ¾ of the country is mountainous, offering an amazing wealth of forage plants and wildflowers. And since Albania has both Mediterranean and Continental regions, there is nectar all year round. So it is not surprising that beekeeping and Albanian honey, especially specialties like the chestnut honey, have such enormous potential.The variety of flowers in every season of the year, the controlled movements of the bees according to the grazing season have made the beekeepers of these areas bring to the consumer through honey the nectar of the best flowers.

Flower honey is one of the most common types of honey found in the areas of Vau Deja, Puka and Fushë Arrëz. It is obtained from bees which receive the nectar of different types of flowers, which depend on the environment where they are located and the season as well. This type of honey has a mild taste and a pleasant aroma. It helps strengthen the immune system during the season of allergies and asthma. By consuming a spoonful of flower honey a day, throughout the year you have strengthened your immune system and healed your body in the fight against various allergies.

Chestnut Honey. The chestnut tree belongs to the same family where beech and oak belong. For thousands of years, chestnuts have been a major source of food for mountainous areas where cereals could not be grown. Sweet chestnut, which is mainly used for honey, grows in abundance not only in Europe, but especially in Albania. The honey produced from it has a strong taste and aroma with a slight hint of bitterness. This honey rich in pollen, mineral salts and tannins has a high amount of fructose that avoids crystallization and low acidity. Chestnut honey has a dark color. Its herbal aroma is unique. The honey is not too sweet and the taste it leaves behind is a bit bitter. It strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation, helps the liver and stomach, relieves fatigue, strengthens the immune system and has positive values ​​in the respiratory and digestive systems.Chestnut honey has a great potential for success in the market of Tirana, Elbasan and Durres as well as in the international market.

Thyme Honey. Thyme is one of the natural medicinal plants that is widely found in the areas of Vau Deja, Puka and Fushë Arrëz. The honey of this flower processed by bees has a strong taste and is massively usable for treating infectious diseases. This type of honey has its specificity that crystallizes after 6-18 months. It is rich in copper and has tonic and antiseptic properties. Recommended for preventing and fighting infections of peptic and respiratory diseases.

Zadrima honey. Zadrima in the north of Albania (Lezha region) has excellent climatic conditions for beekeeping, so it is widespread throughout the area.The most famous honey is that of sage, which comes from two hilly areas and blooms between May and June.

Puka honey. Honey produced in Puka has high nutritional values, due to the nature and diversity of medicinal plants found in the area. These specifications place Puka honey in the markets of Durrës and Tirana.

Mountain Honey (Tropoja / Korça)
This is a honey that has a high reputation in Albania. Honey production is a solution for many small farms located in mountainous areas, which do not have many opportunities to expand their agricultural production and go to market. The main objective of beekeepers in these areas is to increase production, not only for the domestic market, but also for export, as the price of a certified honey almost doubles.

Honey of Himara.This honey is collected in the forests of the slopes of Llogara, but also further, from Palas to Borsh. The vegetation of the area, the great richness of flowers and aromas, combined with the marine and mountain climate, make this honey very popular all over the country.

Permet honey. One of the many values ​​of Permeti citizens is their pride and care for quality. Honey is one of the many products that Permeti isproud of. Flora, geographical characteristics, relief of the Përmet area is a guarantee of quality, especially if we mention the Honey of Malëshova. This honey is in great demand all over Albania and is sold immediately as soon as it is produced.

Gjirokastra Mountains Honey. The mountain pastures of the Gjirokastra region are a good natural base that provides a honey with healthy values.The honey of the mountains and ranges of Gjirokastra covers the needs of the surrounding population and reaches the markets of the main cities.

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