The flag of the EU was raised in the Prime Minister’s building in Albania

Through a special ceremony attended by members of the government, the majority, diplomatic corps, representatives of religions and other guests, the flag of the European Union was raised in the Prime Minister’s building in Tirana one day after the opening of negotiations with the EU.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, during his speech, said that this moment marks another level for Albania.

“The raising of this flag today at the headquarters of the Prime Minister’s Office marks the rise of Albania to another level not only in the relationship with the EU but also with its future, institutions, freedoms and rights, security and its development in every direction. But this moment also marks the rise in another moment of the obligations of society’s relations with the values, principles, standards, rules and spirit of European democratic coexistence”.

Representatives of the opposition were absent from this ceremony, and in this regard, Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that he would like them to be present. But this was impossible, he said, because of the position the opposition is in.

The Prime Minister did not leave without thanking the partner countries that have contributed to the development of Albania.

“This arduous path has made me witness more than once the fact that this historical achievement would not be thought without the help of our partners, without the help of our strategic allies. I know that among the representatives of friendly countries present here there are some who rejoice at this historic achievement. That’s why I want to thank them for everything they did. I remember here Ambassador Vlahut, Ambassador Donald Lu and Ambassador Luigi Soreca”.

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