Tourism in Albania/Vlora, the tourist peak period kicks off

Albania continues to be one of the countries that offers the most reasonable prices in the region, compared to countries like Greece, Montenegro or Bulgaria, say the tourists who are vacationing in Vlora this year.

Vacationers from different countries are loyal to our country, and for them, despite the increase in prices, as everywhere else in the world, Albania is one of the countries with the most affordable prices for any type of “pocket”.

We find tourists on the coast of Vlora from China, Macedonia, Germany, but also Kosovars who do not betray Albania.

According to tourist operators, Vlora has already entered the peak period of the tourist season. Bookings have increased, no longer for two days but for longer periods. In the first place are the requests from Kosovo, Germany, Poland, Italy, North Macedonia, etc. From the middle of this month until August, all structures are almost booked.

/Klara Ruci/

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