Albanian boxer Florian Marku will play against Ramirez, Mexican boxer on August 25 in Albania

Florian Marku has kept his promise and will play the next duel in Albania. The Albanian champion has made his next match official and it will take place at “Air Albania”, in an evening that will undoubtedly provide a spectacle on August 25.

Marku has announced through social networks that he will duel on this date in the stadium of the capital against the Mexican Miguel Parra Ramirez, while the WBC Silver Interim belt will be in the game.

Parra Ramirez is a 28-year-old Mexican expert boxer who is making rapid strides in the world ring, albeit at super-lightweight and not at welterweight where Marku normally boxes. He has recorded in his career 21 wins (14 by KO), 2 losses and a draw in the professional ring. While Marku aims to increase his streak of matches without defeat, as he currently records 11 wins and 1 draw in the professional ring, aiming to challenge the biggest champions very soon.

/Klara Ruci/

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